Are you tired of constantly checking the weather and the temperature outside before you decide whether to go for a swim?

With a  pool heater, you can increase the temperature of your water and enjoy swimming nearly every day of the year. These products will not release any emissions that are harmful and are safe for the environment too.

The top product on the market today is the 18-2X12′ SunQuest Complete System, which also comes in different sizes for those with smaller swimming area. This product will work with the pump already in the area and increase the water temperature by up to 10 degrees. Smart shoppers like yourself should compare this sun panel to those from other companies.

How to Choose The Right One?


The most important factor when choosing a warmer is size because you want one large enough to heat your entire areal. This eliminates any cool spots and ensures that your water stays at a consistent and comfortable temperature. If the unti is too small, your water may remain cool, even after running it for hours.

Collector Placement

Sun heating systems come with collectors that actually collect the sun’s rays to create the warm water that you want. You need to see where you can install and place those collectors around your home. Though some manufacturers let you put the collectors right on the ground around, others will require that you install or mount those collectors on your roof.

Cold Protection

If you live in a cooler or downright cold climate, you must purchase a product that comes with built-in protection against the cold. Even if you do not use the area in the winter, you may want to leave your heating system set up. Ice and snow can cause the water to freeze inside the lines, which may lead to the system busting.

Glazed vs. Unglazed Collector Systems

A glazed collector system is generally much stronger and durable than unglazed systems are. These systems consist of a type of tempered glass over metal. A glazed system is suitable for use in any climate and for year-round use.

Unglazed systems do not use any tempered glass and often feature inexpensive materials like rubber. While cheaper in cost, these heaters are not as efficient as those with Glazed collector systems are. You should also avoid using an unglazed system in colder climates.


What it might boil down to in your mind is the overall cost of the unit. A cheaper heater may only increase the water temperature by a few degrees, while a more expensive unit will make that water more comfortable.


Reviews on Top 7 Product Models

1. 18-2X12′ SunQuest (Check Price on

18-2X12' SunQuest

The best heater for swimming area on the market today is this 18-2X12′ SunQuest Complete System with Roof Kits, which comes with everything necessary for installing the included collectors on your roof.

This system then attaches to the pump you use in the area, which will pump the water out and into the tubes that move the water into the collectors.

The water will increase in temperature by up to 10 degrees before moving out of the collectors and back into the areal.

Designed to increase water circulation, this heating system reduces the pressure put on your pump, which may otherwise shorten its life. You can install this system on your own in just a few short hours. SunQuest makes similar kits and sets in different sizes for smaller too.



2. 24′ Above Ground Sun Dome (Check Price on

24' Above Ground Sun Dome

If you love the idea of an indoor swimming area but don’t have the money in your budget for a new one, you’ll love that this 24′ Above Ground Sun Dome will transform your outdoor into an indoor one.

Unlike other warmers that pump water in and out of the areal or sit on the surface of the water, this Sun Dome model looks like a large dome that actually covers the top of the area. It is even large enough to accommodate the ladder.

Designed as a DIY cover, this model assembles in just three hours or less and has three windows that let you see out and a door on one side. When you want to take it down because the weather is nice again, it will easily come off.



3. Blue Wave 30-Feet x 50-Feet Rectangular (Check Price on

Blue Wave 30-Feet x 50-Feet Rectangular 

Do you have an in-ground swimming area and live in a climate where the sun is almost always shining in the sky? This Blue Wave 30-Feet x 50-Feet Rectangular 12-mil Blanket for In Ground might just be the best product for you.

Though it is a warmer it looks like a large blanket that you spread out over the water, and it comes in multiple sizes for different types.

This blanket has a UV-resistant coating on top that absorbs the sun’s rays but keeps the sun from damaging the blanket.

The translucent design of the blanket keeps tree leaves and other debris out of the water but lets the heat from the sun penetrate the blanket to reach the water, which will then increase its overall temperature by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.




4. Smartpool S601P SunHeater (Check Price on

Smartpool S601P

No matter how big or small your swimming area is, you can use this Smartpool S601P SunHeater System for In-Ground to increase its water temperature.

Designed for in-ground, this box comes with panels inside that measure 80 square inches in size. If you have a larger area, you can simply purchase more boxes to accommodate its size.

Smartpool makes a separate accessory kit that you can purchase, which lets you install this product in the area, and this kit can accommodate up to four boxes of panels and will make this system work with above ground.

One benefit of this product is that you can actually adjust and rearrange the panels to fit the exact shape and size.

The SunHeater is also one of the few products on the market made in the United States.




5. GHP 48″ x 20′ 80 Sq Ft In Ground (Check Price on

GHP 48" x 20' 80 Sq Ft In Ground

With the GHP 48″ x 20′ 80 Sq Ft In Ground / Above Ground Panel, you can now heat any type of pool as well as any size. This system comes with a flexible hose that attaches to the pump filter, which carries water from the area to this product collector.

Once the water comes up to temperature, it then reaches the diverter valve, which connects to a second hose for pumping the water back into the areal.

One of the top reasons why this product is so popular is because you can mount it right against the side of an above ground or on the ground next to an in ground area. The manufacturer offers an optional mounting kit for mounting the collector on your roof.



6. SSR SSRA-100 Sun Rings (Check Price on

SSR SSRA-100 Sun Rings

This blankets like this SSR SSRA-100 Sun Rings w/ Anchors are one of the most affordable ways to heat the area without worrying about the damage the product does to the environment.

This blanket actually looks like a large ring that features bright colors and a tropical design on the top. Though the ring will float across the surface of the water, you can use the included anchors to weight it down in place.

The bottom layer of the ring features a translucent blue material, but the top of the ring is completely clear. This allows the ring to trap the heat from the sun between those two layers and push the heat into the water.

A single ring can increase the water temperature by several degrees or more.


7. 12′ x 18′ Oval 8 Mil Blue Bubble (Check Price on

12' x 18' Oval 8 Mil Blue Bubble

With this 12′ x 18′ Oval 8 Mil Blue Bubble Blanket Cover, you can feel the temperature rise by up to 17 degrees Fahrenheit fairly quickly.

This blanket, which only comes in rectangular sizes, has small oval bubbles across the surface. Those bubbles absorb the sun’s heat and push that heat into the water below.

Reinforced seams on the edges extend the life of the blanket and keep it from coming apart, and a coating added to the surface prevents damage from the sun.

It can also retain the heat from the sun to continue heating the area after the sun goes down. Sun2Solar, the company behind this blanket, offers it in different sizes and includes a three-year limited warranty on the product.



Our Winner is…

18-2X12' SunQuest Complete System with Roof Kits

Choosing a solar product for your swimming area isn’t nearly as hard as some people claim because there are solid options like the 18-2X12′ SunQuest Complete System Check Price on on the market.

This system comes with collectors that act like panels, which you’ll install close to the area. It works with your pump to pump water into those collectors, and as the water moves through the panels, it rises in temperature before flowing back into the area.

Designed for you to install on your own, this heating system puts less pressure on your pump than other heaters do. It can increase your waterproof temperature by up to a full 10 degrees.