Though some people live in areas that let them use their swimming area all year long, most find that the swimming seasons runs from April or May through the end of September. With a warmer product, you can extend that season. You can jump in the water as early as March and keep enjoying the water all the way through October and even into November.

There are many things to consider when picking a product like price, which is why we ranked the best product in terms of solar, heat pumps and gas that use natural propane gas. Take a look at our list of the top things to consider when buying a product before looking at which product and manufacturers made our list.

How to Choose The Right One

BTU Output

Manufacturers use British Thermal Units when explaining the amount of heat produced by a heater, but this term usually goes by the abbreviation of BTU. The higher output, the more heat you’ll feel. Most products have a minimum output of 75,000, but you’ll find some units with a higher output of up to 450,000.


Solar unit consist of solar panels or collectors that absorb heat from the sun and then use that heat to increase the temperature of your place, which passes through a dedicated system. Most come with systems designed to protect the product from the cold as well as snow and ice. You can choose between a glazed or unglazed system, and while glazed systems are more expensive, these systems are also more durable.


A more affordable option that many owners prefer is a gas-fired product. This product has two tubes that pull cold water from the area inside and push the warm water back into the swimming area. A gas unit will also have a heat exchanger that heats up the water, a burner and a blower.

Heat Pumps

Heat pump unit, are an alternative to other types of products. It uses an evaporator coil that slowly warms the cold water that comes from the area before releasing it back into the water. These can work similar to the air conditioning system that you have in your home.


The capacity that the product can handle will let you know if it’s a good option for your own area. A higher capacity means that the product will keep pushing warm water back into the area and drawing in any cold water. Those with a smaller capacity may have a hard time keeping your area filled with hot water.


Far too many owners look at how much it will cost upfront without thinking about long-term costs. You also need to think about how much it will cost to run and maintain that unit later. Solar units do not require any electrical energy but may need more maintenance than those product need.


Looking at the controls on that product will help you see how you can use it. Some of the cheaper product  have just one knob or dial that lets you turn the water temperature up or down. Newer models come with digital controls that you can use for setting a timer or a specific temperature.

Power Supply

If you decide on a product that uses electricity, you must make sure that your home’s system can support and provide it with all the necessary power. When it comes to propane unit, you need to look at the costs of hooking up to your existing gas line.


Don’t buy product without first ensuring that it will work with the type of swimming area you own. Some products work better with above ground, and some may not work well in an in ground.

Top Solar Panel Models


1. SunQuest Complete System (Check Price on Amazon.com)

18-2X12' SunQuest Complete System with Roof Kits

The ultimate product is the 18-2X12′ SunQuest Solar Complete System with Roof Kits, which comes with everything you need to increase the temperature of the area for swimming on cooler days and outside of the traditional season.

SunQuest offers this set in different sizes to fit more swimming area, and you’ll find that you can install this system on either an in ground or above ground swimming area.

The MAX-FLOW design uses specially designed headers that work with your existing pump but reduce some of the pressure on that pump, and this system also ensures that you get a better flow of water that is more consistent for even heating.

With this system, you can change the temperature of your water by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit in less time than you ever thought possible. SunQuest guarantees that this set will be compatible with most pumps and that is it so easy to install that you can do it yourself. The system comes with a solar panel roll that you can install on your roof and then connect back to the pump.



2. 24′ Above Ground Sun Dome (Check Price on Amazon.com)

24' Above Ground Sun Dome

Sun Dome makes the 24′ Above Ground Sun Dome, which gives you a more unique way to harness the sun’s rays to heat the area, and it comes in multiple sizes that will fit most standard size swimming area.

This product is unique because it essentially turns your outdoor swimming area into an indoor that you can use on almost any day of the year.

As the dome completely covers and surrounds the area, it also keeps it safe from snow and ice as well as branches and other debris that might fall into the water.

Three windows evenly spaced around the dome let you see out and see whether there is anyone or anything in the area, and it comes with its own door that provides easy access to the area too.


The dome absorbs the rays of the sun and transforms those rays into heat that it pushes into the water to heat the water without the use of any panels or poles.

Sun Dome guarantees that three people can set the dome up or take it down in three hours or less.



3. Blue Wave 30-Feet x 50-Feet Rectangular Blanket for In-Ground (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Blue Wave 30-Feet x 50-Feet Rectangular Solar Blanket for In-Ground

If you want to heat your swimming area without dealing with sockets and without adding panels to your roof, you might prefer a heating system that is easier to use like this Blue Wave 30-Feet x 50-Feet Rectangular Blanket for In-Ground.

Though it lets you channel the energy and warm air produced by the sun and its rays, this works like a blanket that you simply toss on top of the area when you’re not using it.

The heat from the sun will penetrate the blanket, which will then radiate that heat around the surface of the water to help it come up to temperature.

Made from a thicker material, this blanket has thermal bubbles all across the top that actually retain the heat from the sun. This standard size will fit larger swimming area of a rectangular shape, but you can pick a blanket in a different size or shape to fit the area.

Blue Wave gives you a six-year warranty on this blanket and guarantees that it will work just as effectively as a full system would.



4. Smartpool S601P SunHeater (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Smartpool S601P SunHeater

A more affordable option for those who want to heat the area and use sun energy that helps them save on their electric bills is this S601P SunHeater Heating System from Smartpool.

Designed specifically for in ground swimming area, this set comes with a polyurethane heat collector that harvests heat from the sun’s rays as well as a separate unit.

It features panels that measure 80 square feet that you can install on your roof or in a space near the area.

Though this system takes some time to install, the manufacturer offers an optional installation kit that you can add when you purchase to more easily connect those panels to the system to ensure that your water reaches the temperature that you desire.


The manufacturer recommends that you measure the overall square footage of the area to purchase the exact number of panels needed for that size.

Though this product made the system suitable for in ground, you can also use it with an above ground with the right type of piping.


5. GHP 48″ x 20′ 80 Sq Ft In Ground / Above Ground (Check Price on Amazon.com)

 GHP 48" x 20' 80 Sq Ft In Ground / Above Ground 

To heat the swimming area to the perfect temperature without installing panels on your roof, you need the GHP 48″ x 20′ 80 Sq Ft In Ground / Above Ground  Globe House Products designed to work with both above ground and in ground swimming area, and while it comes with panels, you can put those panels in a convenient location almost anywhere near the area.

Each set comes with one roll of panels that measure 24-inches wide by 20-foot long that take up 40 square feet of space, and you can purchase additional rolls for larger.

This set features a long tube on the end that you connect to the filter, which will then force water through the pump and filter and into the panel itself, and the second tube on the panel pushes that water back into the area.


The water will move through the panel, which will slowly increase the water’s temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit before releasing the water back into the area.



6. Sun Rings SSRA-100 (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Sun Rings SSRA-100 

When you look at the product, you’ll find that most of it use a type of active energy, but this SSRA-100 Sun Rings actually uses passive energy.

That means you can save time both setting up the unit and using it because it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort on your part. It looks like a large round rug that includes bright colors like yellow and green and incorporates an image of a palm tree on the front.

The panel product uses two layers of vinyl that are resistant to the sun’s rays and allow the vinyl to retain all its great colors after years of use, and you actually inflate with an air pump before tossing it in the water.


Its top layer is actually clear and allows the product  to absorb more heat from the sun, which is then pushes into the darker bottom layer, and that bottom layer releases the heat into the surrounding water.

The manufacturer includes anchors that keep the unit from blowing away.

For This Models Our Winner is…

 18-2X12' SunQuest Complete System with Roof Kits

Before you consider investing in a cheaper product to heat your swimming area, learn more about the benefits of the SunQuest Complete System (Check Price on Amazon.com).

As a complete kit, it comes with everything needed for installation, and you can connect this system to your pump with the use of a long flexible hose that will transfer water from the swimming area to the panel. A second hose then moves that warm water back into the area.

Capable of increasing the water temperature up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, this kit is great for those who want to extend the swimming season by a few weeks and those who want to hop in the water earlier in the season.

The included panels have a professional design that will last longer than cheaper panels do. Those panels are also resistant to all the weather conditions that are common in the winter and fall.


Top Propane Gas Models


1. Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm

While there are a number of great product on the market today, the one that we recommend for shoppers looking at propane units is the Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm. This natural gas unit comes with all the connections necessary for hooking it up to a new swimming area or for retrofitting an existing  areato work with it.

You’ll also appreciate the digital display on the top that shows you the current water temperature as well as the temperature that you selected, and when you want to adjust that temperature, you can use the convenient touch buttons near the display.

Rated among the most energy efficient product, it uses up to 84% as much energy as similar models do, and it has a lightweight and compact design that won’t take up a lot of space or stick out from the area.

You’ll also loved the unique housing that protects the heat inside and the rustproof design of that housing, which makes it resistant to rust caused by ice, snow and rain as well as problems caused by other weather conditions.



2. Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Natural

Once you install this Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Natural Gas and hook it up to your swimming area, you’ll find that you can take a dip anytime you’re in the mood for a swim.

It has an impressive BTU output of 336,000 that ensures your water heats up fast, and an internal microprocessor actually lets you set the temperature to the exact degree that you want and know that the area will be at that temperature when you come back later.

This microprocessor works with the thermostat to deliver quality heating power, even when you’re away from the area.

All materials used are non-corrosive and both those parts as well as the cabinet are resistant to rust. The heat exchanger uses a copper tube that is more conductive than other materials, which will help the water come up to the temperature that you want faster.

It also comes with water connections that make it easier to hook up your hoses for pumping water from the area and then back to  it.



3. Pentair 460736 MasterTemp High Performance Eco-Friendly (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Pentair 460736 MasterTemp High Performance Eco-Friendly

Use the existing gas lines that you already have to heat your swimming area with this Pentair 460736 MasterTemp High Performance Eco-Friendly, which comes with all the top features that you would expect from a brand like Pentair.

Whether you install it yourself or hire a professional, you’ll find that the valves needed for your tubes and hoses are right on the side, and you can hook it up with either lightweight flexible hoses or more rigid tubes made from a material like PVC.

It also comes with a shut off feature that helps you more easily shut the it down during a power outage or an emergency.

Designed with the protection of the environment in mind, it produces fewer fumes and emissions than other products and comes with certification for use in areas with low nitrogen oxide emissions standards.

It has a BTU output of just 400, which makes it better suited for smaller and spas than larger area, but that lower outage rating also means that this will runs quietly.



4. Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Low NOx 400,000 BTU (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Low NOx 400,000 BTU

With a BTU output of 400,000, this Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Low NOx 400,000 BTU is suitable for all types of swimming area as well as outdoor spas.

The nickel heat exchanger inside is strong enough for daily use and does a good job of getting the water to the temperature that you need. One reason that many like it is because it meets all standards for low emissions areas and produces less emissions than similar products do.

Like other modern units, it features a digital display that helps you more easily adjust the water temperature up and down with small colored arrows on the front that serve as buttons, and the display itself shows you that temperature.

It comes ready for installation with two separate connectors for attaching your intake hose and a hose to put the warm water back in the area as well as a durable housing that is resistant to most weather hazards and conditions found in warmer and cooler climates.


5. TRANE TR250NA Residential and Spa (Check Price on Amazon.com)

TRANE TR250NA Residential and Spa Cupronickel

Some owners pick propane and natural gas unit because they want to save on energy and later find that these products use too much gas, but this TRANE TR250NA Residential and Spa Cupronickel features an energy-saving design that significantly cuts back on the amount of gas required while still delivering all the hot water that you need in the area.

It has a BTU output of 250,000, which is enough to heat a medium sized swimming area as well as some larger area and even residential spas. You have the option of hooking it up to a brand new pump or retrofitting to work with an older system.

As it produces fewer emissions than other gas units, it will meet all the air quality standards in your city or region. It comes with a heat exchanger made from nickel and a digital display with simple buttons for adjusting the water temperature.

TRANE even used the word “hot” on the top of the case to warn that the case gets hot to prevent injuries.



6. Hayward H100ID1 H-Series Low NOx (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Hayward H100ID1 H-Series Low NOx 100,000 BTU Residential

Though this Hayward H100ID1 H-Series Low NOx 100,000 BTU Natural Gas Residential is the cheapest propane swimming area warmer on our list, don’t assume that it won’t offer the performance that you need because it still does a great job of heating water, especially when used in a smaller area.

Available in both a natural gas and a gas model, it will work with the existing pipes in your home and installs easily on both existing and new swimming area.

If you have problems with your gas lines, you can use the included AC adapter to easily hook this up to your home’s electrical system.

The cabinet has a cool touch design that ensures it remains cool to the touch, even if you have it turned all the way up, which will keep those running and playing around safe.

A knob on the front lets you adjust the water temperature with just a simple twist. Hayward lets you turn it off or turn it in a clockwise direction to reach a higher setting.

For This Models Our Winner is…

Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm And Spa

Propane product can help you save money on your heating bills and will work with the existing natural gas lines already in your home, and the best propane product on the market is the Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E-Therm And Spa with a 400,000 BTU (Check Price on Amazon.com) output, it is one of the largest ones on the market and can keep the area at a higher temperature to make you and other swimmers feel more comfortable.

It also has a lightweight and compact design for more easily installation on the swimming area.

A digital display on the top of it lets you select the exact temperature that you want, and you can use that display to watch as the temperature quickly rises.

The housing unit itself features a durable coating that won’t suffer damage from weather conditions, and that housing is resistant to rust caused by snow and ice too.


Top Heat Pumps Models


1. TRANE TR21474T Residential (Check Price on Amazon.com)

TRANE TR21474T Residential

The main problem that some owners have with this product is that those pumps make a lot of noise, which can limit how much time they spend in their swimming area, but the TRANE TR21474T Residential uses new technology that allows the pump to run so quietly that you may not even realize that you turned it on before swimming.

A digital display found on the front of the unit makes it easier to select the temperature that you want for the area, and you can use that display to see the current temperature too.

TRANE includes a dependable warranty on this product that you can use when you have any issues.

Designed for long-term use, this product comes with a heat exchanger made from titanium that will last longer than those made from steel and an evaporator fin that is resistant to rust, which is helpful because of the amount of water that will move across this coil. Instead of using a metal case or housing like other manufacturers do,

TRANE opted for a polymer cabinet that is resistant to rust.



2. Pentair 460930 UltraTemp 70 (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Pentair 460930 UltraTemp 70 High Performance

The almond finish found on the case of this Pentair 460930 UltraTemp 70 High Performanceis a softer and warmer shade of light brown that will match the lining of the swimming area and ensure that it blends with any surrounding objects to keep it from sticking out.

This unit is much easier to use than traditional heaters because it comes with a control panel that anyone can use to increase and decrease the heat, and you can view settings as well as the temperature on its LCD display.

A connector on the front of the unit will work with flexible and more rigid hoses and tubes for hooking it up to the area.

Automatic controls give you the option of picking the water temperature that you want before walking away. It will then monitor the water and automatically come on and on as needed to keep the water at that exact temperature.

It also features built-in software that monitors the system for any problems to automatically fix those issues.



3. Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU AHRI

The Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU AHRI is one of the largest and strongest units available from Hayward, which lets you know that it will heat your water quickly and make your swimming area warmer.

Hayward designed a profile blade system that moves quickly without producing a lot of noise, and this blade system works with the acoustic compressor case to ensure that you never hear its running.

Its evaporator fin features a rust-resistant design made from durable metal for added longevity.

Hayward choose a durable form of plastic for the body panels that make up the exterior housing, and this material will not break down and is resistant to both UV rays and rust.

You can use the digital display as well as the buttons near this display to view the water temperature and to adjust that temperature. Hayward designed this unit to produce a BTU output of 140,000.


4. Hayward HP50TA Residential (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Hayward HP50TA Residential

Another solid unit available from Hayward is this HP50TA Residential, which comes with a warranty that lets you seek help for problems you might have with the heat exchanger and other components.

As Hayward uses high-quality materials though, you may find that you can use this product for years without any problems.

Those high-quality parts include a heat exchanger made from titanium that better regulates the heat to help water come up to the right temperature faster and a heavy-duty evaporator fin that is resistant to corrosion.

Hayward skipped the metal housings found on other products and opted for an injection-molded plastic that is more durable, and this plastic, which makes up the entire housing that surrounds the internal parts, is resistant to snow, ice and other weather conditions that might otherwise lead to rust. It also comes with an acoustic compressor cover that reduces the sounds produced by the machines.

Thanks to its patented blade system though, it produces less noises than other models.


5. Hayward HP50A 50,000 BTU Horizontal Fan (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Hayward HP50A 50,000 BTU Horizontal Fan

Though many of the products you see today are large in size and take up a lot of space, this Hayward HP50A 50,000 BTU Horizontal Fan is much smaller and more compact in size.

Not only does it save you space around the swimming area, but it also reduces the risk of someone running directly into it and damaging the pump. Suitable for use in both in ground and above ground, it can consistently heat up to 13,000 gallons of water.

Designed to use less energy that propane and natural gas units do, it comes with a cooling feature that you can turn on to slowly cool down your water, which comes in handy on days that start out cooler and then become hotter.

It features a horizontal design that allows water to quickly come in contact with the fan for decreasing and increasing its temperature.



6. Fibroheat Electric (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Fibroheat Electric Heat Pump

Suitable for use in smaller swimming area, this Fibroheat Electric produces a BTU output of 55,000 for consistent heating of the area.

The hose connectors on the front come complete with attachments that ensure those hoses never slip out of place, and the manufacturer clearly marked each one to help you more quickly install the unit.

Fibroheat recommends using this unit in above groundof a round or oval shape that use no more than 10,000 gallons of water.

Though it requires a 220V circuit, this is the same circuit necessary for using most power tools, and Fibroheat designed this product to actually use less electricity than other electric pumps do.

It comes with a housing made from metal with an enamel coating on top that can withstand all types of weather conditions, and the case won’t rust when exposed to the water, rain or chemicals either.


For This Models Our Winner is…

TRANE TR21474T Residential

Though this product are more expensive than other types of products, the TRANE TR21474T Residential (Check Price on Amazon.com) will last twice as long or even longer.

It comes with the dependable warranty that TRANE offers on all its products and a polymer housing that will last longer than housings made from metal because it is resistant to corrosion. The evaporator fan is also resistant to rust, and it comes with a heat exchanger designed for constant use.

TRANE designed this unit to include both connections on the front, which you will use to hook up an intake hose that pulls in water from the pool and push it across the inside of the unit and a connection that pushes the heated water back into the area.

It runs so quietly that you’ll never hear it as you take a dip, and it comes with a digital display that shows you the exact water temperature.